High-quality care and flexible medical benefits designed to keep your employees healthy, motivated and more engaged with your business.

Why Group Health Network

Think about the times you have heard of someone dealing with a health emergency. These situations rip apart our financial savings and cause emotional stress. Recent global health crises like COVID-19 have made the importance of having health insurance coverage even more evident.

Despite such occurrences, health cover penetration in America is poor. Almost 30% of the American population has no health scheme. High premiums and complex terms & conditions are the top reasons for this trend.

This is why opting for group health insurance at employee-first companies is a no-brainer. Putting the well-being of your employees at par with organisational goals can create healthier and more productive teams. It gives your leaders an opportunity to lead by example. And by valuing your team’s health, you incentivise them to care about their well-being and bring their best selves to work.

A bonus benefit of group health insurance: your organisation just took another leap at becoming people-centric and empathetic.

Why buy a group health insurance policy?

Here’s the problem

You already know that building a talented team is a herculean task. But, retaining great talent and keeping them motivated is a hamster-on-wheel assignment. Losing even a single member after all your hard work is a kick in the gut.

It’s more difficult when you know that you could’ve addressed their concerns in hindsight. These include things that improve employee morale and organisational culture, like providing adequate paid time off, flexible work-life balance and a comprehensive group health insurance plan.

Here’s how to fix it

Today’s workplaces are synonymous with human-centric policies. When potential hires imagine their ideal work culture, it involves organisations building a culture of care, inclusivity and innovation. This fosters a team of happy individuals who are not only engaged at work but are also bagging the best outcomes.Choosing group medical insurance is the first step to showing your employees that you care. The ripple effect is that employees feel happy, and retention is high as they feel prepared for unforeseen events. This also makes them more productive at work, nudging them to build a healthy lifestyle resulting in lower sick leaves.

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